3:01 PM, 12 September 2017

HERA delivers the goods on options for product conformity @ MIC2017

The factor of safety (FoS), also known as (and used interchangeably with) safety factor (SF), is the ratio between the nominal and the design load carrying capacity of a structural member or system. The factor of safety ensures that the probability of the actual resistance falling below the design resistance is sufficiently low.

The magnitude of the factor of safety is related to the geometric tolerances given in the relevant product standards, together with the consistency of the material mechanical properties produced by different manufacturers.

Structural steel performance mandates safety factors
In structural design, the capacity reduction (safety) factors within design standards are dependent on the performance characteristics of the structural steel.

In order that there is no erosion to the safety margins assumed in design, designers need to ensure that a given product satisfies the conformity requirements of a given product standard and that the particular manufacturer where the steel is sourced continually maintains the performance characteristics of their products through a factory production control system (FPC).

This presentation provides a brief overview of some of the product conformity requirements given in current product standards for structural steel, before considering the different product conformity assessment options that should be considered by designers.

What can we do
In this paper at the HERA session in the Metals Industry Conference 2017, HERA Structural Systems will provide an overview of options available to NZ companies for product conformance.

Held in the Addington Raceway & Events Centre in Christchurch on the 15th September, we are excited with the message Stephen brings to our members.


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Masterclasses for members
HERA has a gold list of speakers to inform and help our members better understand the current business environment and how our industry can adapt to and even shape the future.






9.15 – 10.00am

Keynote  -  Geoff Crittenden
Chief Executive, WTIA
The Australian submarine project and the welding fabrication industry

10,00 – 10.30am

Dr Michail Karpenko
Welding Centre General Manager
The cost of quality


Morning Tea

11 – 11.30am

Keynote - Prof Brian Uy
Head of School, School of Civil Engineering
University of Sydney
From design to reliable structures

11.30am – 12pm

HERA Structural Systems
Product conformity assessment options

12 - 12.30pm

Steve Scott
CEO, Rivet Engineering
Len Lye Centre – A New Plymouth icon 



1.30 – 2.15pm

Mike Lehan                  Dr Wolfgang Scholz
HERA Chairman          HERA Director
Can HERA drive industry transformation? 

2.15 – 3.00pm

Dr Boaz Habib                   Dr Kenneth Husted
Industry Development      University Auckland
Manager                             School of Business
Disruptive innovation and survival of the fittest 

3.00pm – 4.00pm

Dieter Adams
CEO, NZ Manufacturers and Exporters Association
Using Industry 4.0 & other advanced manufacturing technologies

to improve productivity & customer experience