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The HERA Structural Systems Division is a research and development centre supporting steel, composite and light gauge cold-formed steel construction in buildings and civil engineering works. Through close relationships with leading international research establishments and associations, the Division provides expertise in engineering, design, building physics, seismic design and fire safety. Its activities include:

  • Administering a Steel Research Panel that consists of representatives from industry, universities and other relevant organisations, which sets research priorities for the New Zealand construction sector.
  • Through applied research in steel and composite construction, the development of pre-normative design guidance, industry good practice guides and design software.
  • Provides professional advice together with technical transfer through delivering presentations and training at national and international seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • Develops and maintains design Standards by serving on Standards New Zealand and Standards Australia Committees.
  • For both national and international Clients, it undertakes product development throughout the design, testing and evaluation phases together with the production of technical literature and design tables.
  • Providing independent third-party assessment of products and software using the latest Standards to verify that the performance values quoted by manufacturers have been derived correctly.
  • As sustainability is an essential business need for everyone involved at every stage of the construction process, we evaluate the energy efficiency of products and systems including R-values and thermal bridging.
  • Participating as a Board Member of the National Association of Steel-Framed Housing (NASH) and provision of Secretariat to the Sustainable Steel Council.
  • Provision of specialist consultancy services, underpinned by Finite Element Analyses

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