Finite Element Analysis

High Quality and Cost-effective FEA Consulting Services

We provide an advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capability using the state of the art Abaqus software from Dassault Systemes ( ).

We offer finite element modelling for the most complex engineering problems. HERA's specialized finite element analysis capability has assisted our Clients in the design, development and testing of numerous products; solved many challenging structural/mechanical engineering issues.

HERA has been using FEA since 1999. Our experienced personnel run numerical simulations efficiently, to the highest quality and accuracy, relying on reputable software and powerful hardware as the simulations are often computationally demanding. HERA is a Corporate Member of NAFEMS since 2001 and we adhere to the Best FEA Practice & Guidance Documents. Our services have been employed across several industries; which have helped Clients to successfully turn their ideas into products and/or resolve uncertainties with existing designs and structures.

We offer numerical analysis (i.e. FEA) with implicit and explicit codes. In other words static, quasi-static, thermal and dynamic analyses right to the extreme deformations, which enable fully coupled multi-physics simulation such as fluid-structure interaction to be performed. Our consulting service covers (but is not limited to):

  • Linear and non-linear static and dynamic analyses
  • Thermal analysis
  • Crack initiation and propagation analyses
  • Stress and vibration analysis
  • Structural and stress analysis
  • Crash/impact analysis
  • Fire simulations
  • Buckling and collapse analyses
  • Fluid-structure interactions using coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian (CEL) and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)

To find out more, download our description What is FEA and how can it help you and visit the HERA CASE STUDIES (or see our poster)


Nandor Mago
ME(Applied Mechanics & Theory of Structures),
MIPENZ (Structural), CPEng, 
NAFEMS Registered Professional Simulation Engineer 
(Advanced Level), Finite Element Analyst
T: +64 9 262 4752


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